Complete Brake Services

 Are your brakes trying to tell you something? Grinding, squeaking, screeching noises, brake pedal touching the floor, vibrations, brake light on your dashboard??? Any of the things we just mentioned could mean you need to have your brakes inspected!

When it comes to the safety of your vehicle, brakes rank higher than anything. If your brakes fail you WILL have an accident. If you have any of these issues, bring your car in and let us start by taking a look at the condition of your rotors and brake pads. A complete brake will throughly examine all the components of the brake system.

  • Anti-Lock Brake Service & Diagnostics
  • Brake Service and Repair
  • Brake Fluid Exchange
  • Brake Pads Replacement
  • Brake Rotors Replacement
  • Resurface Rotors
  • ABS System service and repair
  • Drum and Rotor Service
  • Hydraulic System Diagnosis and Repair

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