Exhaust Systems

  • Whether you want a loud aftermarket exhaust system installed or you want to repair your existing exhaust to save gas mileage, MECO Automotive has you covered. In Roswell auto repair is everywhere but we know it all making us one of the top garages in the area. Whether it’s American or Japanese auto repair or anything in between, we got it covered. Especially exhaust!
    Why is exhaust so important? The answer varies depending on the driver. For some, it’s all about the sound and they want the biggest truck with the loudest exhaust and for others, it’s all about the gas mileage. The more your exhaust wears and tears, the lower the gas mileage and the less power your vehicle naturally has. Most Roswell auto repair shops will charge you top dollar and just replace the entire system but here at MECO Automotive we will figure out what the specific issue is and fix it at an affordable rate. Our main goal is to get you back on the road at a reasonable cost. That’s the Meco solution.
    We can do it all! From exhaust manifolds to catalytic converters to mufflers, we can fix it or replace it guaranteed. All at a cost that won’t break the bank.

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