Pre-Buy Inspection

 Are you in the market for a used vehicle but don’t know enough about cars to know if you’re about to be ripped off? Don’t worry, it happens all the time. While most Roswell auto repair shops only want to fix problems you already know you have, MECO Automotive wants to make sure you don’t have those problems right after buying a used car. That’s why we offer our Pre-Purchase Inspection of used vehicles. It’s a way for you to know whether or not the car you’ve got your eye on is worth the money the previous owner is asking.

A lot of people out there will realize something is wrong with their vehicle and try to sell it before the problem becomes too much to fix. They’re hoping somebody with limited knowledge will come around and buy their vehicle unaware that the car has serious issues that need to be addressed. We won’t let that happen. If you’re looking at a used car, bring it to us and we’ll do a full inspection and tell you everything that is wrong with it and everything that is right. After we take a look at it, you’ll know exactly what you’ve got on your hands and can make an educated decision on whether or not you’d like to buy the vehicle. It doesn’t get much better than that does it? Wouldn’t feel great to bring it back to the seller knowing, in detail, everything that’s wrong or out of place? Talk about a negotiating tool.

MECO Automotive is one of the leading Roswell auto repair shops because we care about our customers and will do anything to ensure their safety and well being. Both physically as well as financially. That’s the beauty of a family business, and well, we’re all family here. 

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