Car Repair in Roswell, GA

Every vehicle requires regularly scheduled maintenance and Meco Automotive is the Roswell auto repair shop to trust when it comes to getting the job done right. We have been successfully performing these services for years and have insured the lifetime of any vehicle that enters our garage.
Whether it’s a Lexus, an Acura, a Honda, or any other make for that matter, buying a car is a big investment. It is an investment that should be well maintained and protected regularly.

Here at Meco Automotive, we pride ourselves on being the best Roswell auto repair shop around when it comes to scheduled maintenance services. Whether it’s American or Japanese auto repair or anything in between, we are qualified, reliable, and affordable when it comes to providing a diligent 30k, 60k, 90k, or 120k service.

  • When performing this service we typically follow the manufacturers recommended service intervals, which includes the following if applicable to the service.
    -Replace spark plugs (if applicable)
    -Replace points and condenser (if applicable)
    -Replace fuel filter (if applicable)
    -Replace vent filter (if applicable)
    -Adjust timing (if applicable)
    -Inspect belts and hoses
    -Lube, Oil and Filter
    -Inspect Brakes
    -Check tire pressure
    -Flush Brake Fluid
    -Check suspension and shocks
    -Differential Service, drain and refill
    -Clean Engine
    -Replace distributor cap and rotor (if applicable)
    -Replace PCV valve (if applicable)
    -Replace Air Filter
    -Check emissions
    -Check injectors or adjust carburetor
    -Inspect all fluids
    -Rotate Tires
    -Clean and adjust rear brakes (if applicable)
    -Pack wheel bearings (4×4 Extra) (if applicable)
    -Flush Cooling System
    -Transmission service (filter and gasket if applicable)

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